I UK [prəˈdjuːs] / US [prəˈdus] verb
Word forms "produce":
present tense I/you/we/they produce he/she/it produces present participle producing past tense produced past participle produced
1) [transitive] to make or grow something, especially in large quantities and in order to be sold

We are now producing the same quantity of goods with far fewer workers.

a) used about things that are made by a natural process

The body produces chemicals called endorphins to control the pain.

b) used about people or things that develop in a place, or as a result of a process or system

The region produces some of the best wine in France.

one of the best screenwriters this country has ever produced

c) used about things that someone makes or designs using a lot of skill or effort

He produced a series of outstanding tragic plays.

2) [transitive] to cause something to happen

I managed to produce the opposite effect from the one I had intended.

Efforts to produce a consensus among the member states ended in failure.

produce results:

Other options will be considered if the talks fail to produce results.

3) [transitive] to show or offer something so that it can be examined or used by someone else

They produced very little evidence in support of their argument.

produce something from something:

Rachel produced a map from her inside pocket.

4) [intransitive/transitive] to organize the work and money involved in making a film, play, television programme, CD etc

Steve McQueen produced and starred in the film.

5) [transitive] formal to have a baby or young animal

Females generally produce their young in early summer.

II UK [ˈprɒdjuːs] / US [ˈproʊˌdus] noun [uncountable] *
fruit, vegetables, and other things that farmers grow

dairy/agricultural/organic produce

Local people come to the market each day to sell their produce.

English dictionary. 2014.

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